The need to refresh has nothing to do with how we design, display or save our web site. It is  because of the incorrect settings on your computer under Internet options not ensuring that you view the current page every time.

Web browser store pages on your computer. When you visit a page, it is downloaded and stored (cached). When you return to that page, the web browser often loads the old version downloaded when you last visited the site unless your settings are correct. There are ways to correctly set or refresh your system  for Browser as outlined below. Setting the number of days in your history setting (cache) to "0" will assist. Detailed steps to correct your Internet settings are listed noting that there is no uniform fix for all Browsers.

The fix for Internet Explorer. Procedure may vary between versions.

Manually - While viewing the page to be refreshed, on the toolbar, click REFRESHRefresh. The latest version of the page is now loaded. Sometimes you may have to do this more than once because some servers (your internet provider) will also have a cache on the server.


  1. In Internet Explorer, from the Tools menu, select Internet Options...
    The Internet Options dialog box appears.
  2. Select the General tab
  3. In the Temporary Internet files section, click SETTINGS...
    The Settings dialog box appears.
  4. In the Settings dialog box, from the options, select Every visit to the page 
    Refresh Options
  5. Click OK
    You are returned to the Internet Options dialog box.
  6. Click OK
    The dialog box closes, your settings are updated and the latest version of the page will now load every time it is accessed

The fix for Google Chrome - only manual option available. Procedure may vary between versions.

  1. Click Customise & control icon (), top right.
  2. Select more tools
  3. Select Developer Tools and click "Network" on top line or cog icon for older version.
  4. Tick "disable cache" under "Network" or for older version under General tick "disable cache".

The fix for Safari. Procedure may vary between versions. 

Manually - While viewing the page to be refreshed, tapRefresh 

Automatically - Tap Settings, Tap Safari, Tap "Clear History" and you may also wish to "Clear Cookies and Data"

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